Ron Boyko

From 1998 to 2012, Ron BoykoĀ was President and CEO of a Canadian construction company that offered services not only in the traditional general contracting sector, but also in disaster services and environmental services. He is also a 20 year veteran in the condominium and rental housing industry, with a track record of providing exceptional service to clients. Mr. Boyko focuses on client management, program development and implementation. He brings to the table a history of discipline and the ability to adhere to deadlines, budgets and specifications without compromising on quality. Mr Boyko has a reputation for superior problem solving and excellent customer management skills.


Rodney Burley
Operations Manager

Rodney has been in the industry since 1995, whom started his career as a security guard, for Intercon Security, which at the time, was most highly respected company in the security industry.Within his first year with Intercon, Rodney was promoted to a Shift Supervisor, at a site, for a large contract start-up for Intercon Security. This role, led him to some other progressive roles within Intercon Security. Rodney continued to progress to various head office and field position within Intercon, including, Mobile Supervisor/Alarm Response, Scheduling, Mobile Director, Account Director at two highly sensitive client sites. Rodney was also an in house Security Manager, at a very large Commercial Property in Mississauga from 2008-2012.